See how AFS Logistics’ saves 43% of their operating cost to manage their club & suite tickets.

AFS Logistics optimizes costs related to shipping/logistics for 1,500+ customers of all sizes and industries. They entertain C-level executives who are invited to attend sporting events and concerts at their two luxury suites in Dallas and Atlanta.

AFS has been a sports arena suite-holder for 13+ years.

During the first decade, they questioned their suite investment numerous times.

Like 90% of companies, AFS manually tracked and communicated with attendees using a combination of several apps such as Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, iMessage, etc. Then they still had to login to SeatGeek, Ticketmaster and other apps to transfer tickets 2-by-2. All of this work required lots of switching back-and-forth... very time-consuming.

AFS’ admin discovered other suites were using NextLevelFan.

They wanted a way to manage the entire event in 1 single dashboard, from RSVP to communications to ticket transfer to follow-up.

The result: In its first 4 months using NextLevelFan, their admin realized a 72% decrease in time spent on each event.





After using NextLevelFan for its 30+ suite-holder events, AFS discovered they could benefit using it for tradeshow activations, happy hours, lunch ‘n’ learns and more.

AFS execs wanted to engage guests with branded messages and content. Their client entertainment strategy became a top-grade, brand experience.

By the numbers (year one)

In year 1, AFS saved a significant amount of admin time ($40/hr), gained visibility to ticket use ($1,000/ticket) and created stickiness so 48% fewer tickets went unused.


# of Suite Events


Avg. Event Attendance


Emails & txt messages sent automatically


Total 1st Year savings... even after NextLevelFan's cost

Setup your Sales for success.

"Guest list at my fingertips"

I travel more than 70% of the time. NextLevelFan helps my team close business, with web-based bios and sales funnel data on each opportunity in the room.

Dean Jones

Chief Channel Development Officer

AFS Logistics

(Event Host)

"This is great!"

I got a txt and tapped the link. On the way to the game, I checked out the guest list. I also had our tickets and parking passes right there. It was really simple and helpful.

Kaci Turner

Manager of Credit & Claims

Apache Mills, Inc.

(Event Guest)

"I want this for my company"

After the event, I asked how to get this for my own company. The professional communication I got via email and text was top-notch.

Alan K


Large manufacturer

(Event Guest)

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